Recovery Zone Love Notes

We LOVE hearing from you!

Derek A.

"My 6 month chronic left shoulder injury hasn’t had much success in healing until joining the Recovery Zone. I injured it playing basketball last season. I have been coming to the Recovery Zone every day for the past two weeks and there has been massive improvement in my shoulder. "

Bev N.

"I have been coming to the Recovery Zone for the past month and I have way less pain and more energy. I did laundry, dishes and vacuumed after work last week and did not even feel sore the next day. My mental health is way better, my sleep is better, and overall I am feeling in control of my health and wellbeing."

Rachel L.

"Warming staff, exceptional facilities, and real recovery progress. Discovering The Recovery Zone has helped soothe my carpal tunnel syndrome and ulnar nerve entrapment drastically. I initially decided to try the 1-month pass whilst my symptoms were at their worst and after visiting here 3-4 times per week, I have noticed not only an improvement in my situation, but overall health. After routinely using the recovery equipment and hot-cold therapy, my sleep is better, my mind is calmer and physically I feel more mobile. This space has been a fantastic self-investment. I love coming here! Thank you! "